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Brittni Pertijs
Color, Finish, and Material Manager at Whirlpool
Q: What work does Whirlpool Design do for KitchenAid? 
A: Two of our largest responsibilities are trend forecasting and color strategy. Our team is constantly analyzing interior design trends, social and cultural trends and aesthetic trends to help inform the color palettes for our products. The main goal of our work is to bolster the KitchenAid brand as a leader in color and design.

Q: What is the Color of the Year initiative and what does it mean to the brand?
A: Back in 2017, Color of the Year was just an idea. Now in its sixth year, the Color of the Year initiative has grown and evolved into one of our favorite opportunities to exhibit color and design leadership.
Q: What do you hope people feel when they see Blue Salt launch? 
A: We want people to slow down and feel excited and optimistic by the whimsical tone. Blue Salt was created to ignite positive and fresh new perspectives. Blue Salt is a living color that changes throughout the day as its subtle, yet shifting, red pearl finish is a sensory reminder to see every day in a new light.
Q: What was the inspiration behind Blue Salt and why was it chosen as the 2024 Color of the Year?
A: We knew we were going to choose a blue tone because we knew cooler tones were going to have a resurgence. The name itself “Blue Salt” was inspired by how a pinch of salt opens your senses to new depths of flavor.

Q: From start to finish, how long was the process in selecting Blue Salt?
A: About two and a half years. We began tracking trends for the 2024 Color of the Year in January 2021. 

Q: Can you give a brief overview of the process all the way from inspiration to launch?
A: We first begin with trend listening. Once the trends we want to focus on are identified, we take them in through a KitchenAid lens to start predicting which colors are going to peak in the coming years. From there, the global team comes together to report back on what they’re seeing in their respective regions and we work together to identify potential color spaces. After we complete our trend-hunting trips, we come back together with the KitchenAid Model Shop and begin narrowing down our selections and working with our suppliers. 

Q: Were there any unexpected sources of inspiration you took into account when creating this color? 
A: This selection process was a bit different because when we began we were still reacclimating to normal life post-COVID. Because of that, we looked to nature and outdoor spaces for inspiration. For example, one image we drew a lot of inspiration from was of a butterfly wing that revealed blue iridescent tones when you looked at it through a microscopic lens.

Q: Were there any unique methods you used in creating the perfect shade for Blue Salt?
A: Once it was determined that our color was going to be a shade of blue, we began experimenting by combining different shades. For Blue Salt, we used a technique we hadn’t with past Color of the Year selections — nail polish. We knew that we wanted the 2024 Color of the Year to have an iridescent finish, so we began layering different shades of blue with chromatic nail polishes until we finally achieved the periwinkle blue and subtle iridescent, reddish-pearl finish of Blue Salt.  

Q: Do you have any tips for consumers when it comes to pairing Blue Salt with other colors in the home ─ any accent colors?
A: Because of its versatility, Blue Salt pairs very well with both neutral and vibrant tones in the home, including blue, pink and taupe tones. Blue Salt is unique in that the color can shifts in different lighting. It can feel neutral, but it can also be more vibrant. 

Q: Can you recommend other KitchenAid product “pairings” or colors that could work well with Blue Salt?
A: Neutral textured Stand Mixer bowls such as the Speckled Stone, Classic Column, Black Shell, Metallic and White Shell Bowls are great pairings for Blue Salt. Additional pairings include the Pistachio colorway as well as the K400 Blender in Kyoto Glow, Beetroot and Hibiscus. In terms of major appliances, Blue Salt pairs very nicely with the Milkshake or Ink Blue Commercial-Style Range.

Q: Beetroot and Hibiscus are both very bold colors. What inspired the brand to go more neutral with Blue Salt as opposed to bold?
A: Warm tones like Beetroot and Hibiscus had been so dominant that we felt it was time to shift cooler. We wanted the 2024 Color of the Year to reflect tones of nature like air and water.  
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