Meet The Team Behind "A Woman’s Place"
Rob Sundy
Head of Brands & Marketing Services, Whirlpool Corporation, parent company of the KitchenAid brand
"Over the last century, women, despite their incredible contributions, have struggled to make it in professional kitchens — held back by inequalities unfairly put upon them. As a brand built by women and that stands for creating possibility in the kitchen, we can’t stand for inequalities any longer. And now as restaurants fight to reopen after a terrible pandemic forced their doors shut, they need our support more than ever."
Rayka Zehtabchi
Director, A Woman’s Place
"In food content, it’s easy to get caught up indulging in the delicious cinematic imagery of food. But with this project, it was all about indulging in the characters themselves. It’s an intimate snapshot of a few women fighting for their place in the culinary industry, and that’s something I really resonate with as a young female filmmaker. We had an incredible team of collaborators who encouraged us to think big and push the boundaries of what a cinematic documentary can be, and I'm so proud of what we created."
Scott Donaton
Head of Creative, Hulu
"Hulu has a long history of discovering and showcasing stories by and about women, and creatively partnering with brands to elevate those stories. We’re proud to bring this unique and inspiring documentary to our viewers in partnership with KitchenAid, Vox Media and Digitas."
Mark Book
Head of Content, North America, Digitas
"When Digitas unearthed the insight that over 50% of culinary graduates are women, but less than 7% are executive chefs, we knew that this was a story that we were compelled to tell on behalf of our client, KitchenAid. It represents the heart of why we create purpose-driven storytelling, and reflects Digitas' identity as the Connected Marketing agency."
Heather Pieske
Executive Creative Director, Vox Creative
"This is what truly great branded content looks like now. The goal from the start was to create a film that would be as premium and compelling as any documentary content on any platform, anywhere. And to tell these stories, in this way, with these partners, at a time when women chefs are facing unprecedented challenges, was a rare privilege. We’re excited and committed to creating more opportunities for others to tell their stories that can drive action and contribute to lasting change. Our work is nowhere near done."
Clare Reichenbach
Chief Executive Officer, James Beard Foundation
"The Foundation is deeply committed to supporting parity for women in the culinary industry through our Women’s Leadership Programs and is thrilled to partner with KitchenAid on 'A Woman’s Place.' Together we are collaborating on our “Open For Good” mentorship portal which is designed to connect women chefs in need of support and advice with a powerful and diverse network of culinary leaders. We believe that helping more women advance in the industry is a key part of shifting the restaurant culture to a place where all can thrive. We look forward to working with our partners to realize their visions—and ours—to rebuild our industry back better, with greater equity at its heart."
Kristen Kish
Bravo’s “Top Chef” Season 10 winner
"Equality is something I advocate for in all aspects of my life, and the kitchen is no exception. I’m proud to stand with KitchenAid and my culinary peers to shed light on this issue and inspire a new era for our industry, void of bias, sexism and harassment."
Grant Achatz
2008 JBF Award winner of “Best Chef in the United States"
Dominique Crenn
Chef of Atelier Crenn and the only female Three Michelin star recipient in the United States
"I was thrilled to hear KitchenAid was working to expose and drive greater awareness of the disparities happening in kitchens. I’ve been lucky to receive ‘best female chef’ awards and always wondered why I can’t just be best chef? I am fully behind this initiative and hope my industry peers share their support as well."
Camille Becerra
Renowned Chef, Food Stylist and Restaurateur
Maneet Chauhan
2012 James Beard Foundation Broadcast Media Award and President of Morph Hospitality Group in Nashville, Tennessee
Kwame Onwauchi
2019 JBF Award winner of "Rising Star Chef of the year"
Photographed by Amanda Demme

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